Heyo! I'm Johnnie and I specialize in improving UI & UX in digital products.

I'm currently working as a Senior Brand Designer at Webflow, and I'm also the co-founder of Cruz Barcelona, a creative agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About me

Born in 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since the early beginnings I knew I was going to be in the creative artsy field. I studied Graphic Design at Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires while working at BAMBOO Magazine. While there, I met my business partner with whom I opened Cruz Barcelona – Creative Factory, a creative agency that offers design & advertising solutions to mostly startups –some of the big ones too– collaborating with design teams to achieve big results.

I hustled between branding, fashion campaigns and ads for clients like Garçon García; art direction and editorial design for BAMBOO Magazine, a sustainability and eco-friendly magazine for 12 editions; store design & signage for Cabaña Juramento's premium meat shops; web design and development (mostly in Wordpress and HTML+CSS+JS) for several clients, a lot government related; mailing and drip campaigns with custom made newsletters; branding for startups and up & coming businesses; illustration; icon design and UX / UI, along with offering other services. If I don't know it, I learn it.

After many years, I joined BONS, a digital agency that works on digital products (mostly) as well as their own creation: Produck, a project management software for teams. I worked in Produck's launching as well as on their day-to-day work with important international clients.

Now I have found my #DreamJob at Webflow (no introductions needed) where I work as a Visual Developer collaborating with a super talented team of designers.


UX · UI · Illustration · Branding

Kruh Viandas

UX · UI · Illustration · Branding

It is on like a prawn at dawn

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Let's work together and create something amazing. I specialize in User Interface and User Experience, but have a vast experience with illustration, branding and editorial design.


UX · UI · Illustration · Branding

Layout Exploration

UX · UI · Illustration · Branding